Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day 8: My Birthday In Texas

Yo yo! It's the best Berry child in the blog. Now I know the twins were pretty funny and good writers but let me tell ya, that was just the beginning. We still have 20 days left. 

Today was pretty eventful being my birthday and all. That's right, I'm 13 years old now. How does this make me feel? Not any different. Do I feel old? I'm 13, how old can I feel? 

Today was very eventful, as I said, let me start at the beginning. 

We woke up and went to breakfast at our hotel and it was DELICIOUS. I had the kids pancakes (I'm not really dealing with this whole "teenage" thing yet). 

We then walked along the river to the  Alamo. The Alamo is an old Texan fort if you didn't know already. 

It was actually really interesting. It had a lot of old architecture and artifacts. The indoor areas had AC, but obviously not the outdoor areas. AC is a must here in San Antonio since it's very humid. 

We then ventured down the river once again and we stumbled across The Rainforest Cafe. Of course we had to go inside and sit down. The adults got some drinks while the kids drank smoothies. We all shared some nachos and played blackjack for about an hour, which Jessie and I tied at.  
After that, we just kind of hung out at the hotel, watched some soccer, and relaxed. After that we went to the Japanese Tea Garden. It was a beautiful park like setting, but again - the humidity and the heat. We were walking and sweating. Not fun. 
After the tea garden, we went to the hotel and swam. In Texas, it's very muggy and humid and just bleh. It's hard not to stay in the hotel air conditioning all day long watching Fixer Upper. 

For dinner, we went to the Chart House at the top of the Tower of the Americas. 
It looks like the Space Needle but it's actually 16 feet taller (EVERYTHING'S BIGGER IN TEXAS). We happily ate our dinner enjoying every bite and were in awe of the view every minute. We celebrated my birthday by getting molten lava cakes for dessert. Us kids love those!
Look how high up we are!
We then saw some crazy hats and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make some funny faces..... I'll let you judge the hats yourself. 
After eating our to die for dinner (did I mention that we had lava cakes with ice cream? Oh ya, well, let me tell you. Those were deVINE), we went to The Briscoe Western Art Museum. We then took some silly pictures and this time, Grandma and Papa got in on the action. 

I would say that today was the best way to spend my birthday. Nothing could make this birthday any better (not even a million bucks. Ya, THAT'S how good it was). 

I hope you loved my blog and hopefully our leader (mí madre) will let me write again. Well, EMI OUT! 

ps) they're the twins and I'm the funny one. 

~Emily Berry

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