Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 14: Nothing but the two kings

Welcome folks to this special edition! (By Katie of course.) I will be writing about our experience with the two kings themselves. Elvis Presley and Martin Luther King Jr.

Buckle in for lots of Elvis facts and pictures of the house. 

We started out our day with Graceland. We took a tour bus up to his beautiful mansion. 
They give you iPads and headphones for a digital tour. Your tour guide is John Stamos (get it? Cuz in full house he loves Elvis! Hahahahahhaha I know right). 

You start the tour with the living room. 
Then you move to his parent's room, Vernon and Gladys. 
Since his family was poor when he was younger, he always wanted to be able to give them a better life and he did. You then walk back under a beautiful chandelier. 
You weren't allowed to go upstairs because that was his private space where he rarely let guests enter. Next you see the dining room. 
It's all very fancy. Then you get to the kitchen. With carpet as flooring?
Next you go to the jungle room. This was his daughter, Lisa Marie's, favorite room and was later a place for recording because the green carpet on the ceiling was good for the acoustics. This was clearly decorated in the 70's!
Next you go downstairs into the basement. There's a bright yellow tv room with a bar. 
You then walk into the pool room, where Elvis played pool with a lot of his friends. It's got crazy fabric on the ceiling AND the walls. It took ten people eleven days to hang it all. 
You then walk back upstairs and into the backyard where you see his father, Vernon's office. This is where a lot of meetings were held for record deals and stuff like that. 
You walk outside back into a building for trophies. So many trophies and awards! However, it was interesting to learn thatElvis  only attended ONE award ceremony. It was for the U.S. Jaycees award for "One of the Ten Outstabding Young Men of the Nation" and it was to commemorate Elvis' extreme sense of giving and charity. Read the plaque below...
Next you walk into the movies room. 31 movies made in a two year period! Lots of clothing. 
Did you know Elvis was drafted into the Army in 1958 and served until 1960?
You then go into the racquetball room where he is said to have spent his last hours. He played racquetball, then played a few songs on the piano in the adjacent viewing room, then went upstairs to rest before a tour starting the next day. He died of a heart attack that night. Lots more clothing and awards. 
You then walk outside to the meditation garden where the graves are. There lies his mother, his father, his grandma (she outlived everyone and died in 1980), a memorial for his stillborn older twin brother Jesse, and of course the king himself. 
We headed back to the main building and went to the automobile museum, the Hawaii museum, and the Tupelo museum (all about his modest upbringing and childhood). 
We ended our day by going to the Lorraine motel, the motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed. 
We made it to Nashville and have had a nice happy hour and bachelorette filled evening (it's a TV show). 

Sorry this was such a long one, but thanks for the true road trippers that pulled through. I was the photographer on this specific occasion so I hope these pictures were okay quality for some of you professionals out there. 

Thanks again and peace out :)

By: kbbbbbbbb 
(Katie B)


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