Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day 1: The 8 Hour Drive

Leaving the driveway. We look so excited to spend the next 8 hours in about 60 square feet. 

Today was the long drive that started our venture south to Tucson. Our first stop was in Grapevine which means our Sienna gets good gas mileage and we are able to hold our bladders for four hours. 

Lunch for six included going to three different places. Yes, that's how we roll. Two had Chipotle, two had Subway, and two Panda Express - you can have two guesses as to who had Panda... Found this in the one gas station we stopped at. It seemed fitting for our adventure.  Did I mention the awesome gas mileage?

Our trip got pretty eventful when we came through the Grapevine and found a semi on fire. I've never actually seen anything like that. Pretty scary. Photo courtesy of backseat Jessica. 

The car discussions contained some Disney trivia questions, a little political talk since today is voting day in Cali, and some antics by miss Emily. "Can I go to the 21 Pilots concert? Remember, it's all about the experience." Sounds like a certain Grandma, huh? It's all just an experience. 

My response: We get to pick your experiences now, when you're older you can pick your own. We bought the tickets. I think we spoil these kids. 

The Embassy Suites is definitely suiting us as it's 108° in Palm Desert. 

A sectional couch, dining room table for card playing, AND AC set at 68°. We love you Embassy Suites! We went to the manager's reception of free cocktails and snacks. Yes, this is for real people. And tomorrow? Cooked to order breakfast - and we aren't cookin'!

We are off to a decent start. Two drinks in and we are happy travelers. 

Written by Gina

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