Saturday, June 18, 2016

Day 12: Nothing but Food and Rain

Guess who's back folks!

The Roswell writer in the flesh, Kaitlyn Berry. 

We woke up at 9:30 and ran downstairs to get breakfast, which ended at 10. We sat around and ate in our hotel room until quite late in the afternoon. We heard lots of thunder outside and it poured for a good portion of the day. We rolled out of our nest about 2pm and took a walk back to the French Quarter. We found some very nice food at Capdeville. (Our waitress was great). 
("Nothing but meat" was Jessie's and my burger). We just thought her note on our bill was funny. 

My mom found this place on Yelp and got an extreme Mac and cheese dish called Truffled Mac n Cheese. Apparently it was very good. 
After lunch Emily found a cute little bakery that we all stopped and ate some goodies at. She wants to open a bakery when she's older and we all dreamed about what her place will look like while we dined on a few sweets. 
I did not have anything, but it did seem quite good (everyone else stuffed their faces). 

This is me at the Musical Legends Park and outside the Cafe Beignet. 

We then went to the Cafe Beignets (as featured above) and we listened to some very nice music, and ate beignets of course. These beignets are actually BETTER than Cafe du Monde and Alton Brown from the Food Network even says that they are the "best thing I ever ate."
This was the very funny logo they had. 
And this is Jessie, oddly enjoying the new food. She's been known to be very discerning when it comes to food. I would not know anything about that 😉
This was the really nice band that was playing. 
We then took a stroll back in the direction of our hotel and found this very colorful mural. Took awhile to read it all. It says "We dance even when there's no radio, we drink at funerals, we talk way too much, and laugh too loud & live 2 large & frankly we're suspicious of others who don't!!! Nola"
Hope y'all loved my writing again. It's been a real honor. Ily y'all!

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Katie B

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