Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day 19: The Windy City

Well hello friends! I am back. The fabulous k berry is here to talk about a wonderful city called Chicago. 

This was not my parents first time in the city, but it was for us kids. We got into the city around 9 and drove around for a little. 
These are a few pictures we took from the car. 

Chicago had some super nice architecture as well. These old churches are between skyscrapers! Right in the middle of downtown. It reminded us of the movie Up. 

We all wanted to stick our feet in Lake Michigan, so we hopped out of the car in a drop off zone and got sandy feet. 
We jumped back in the car and found a really cool aquarium. Sadly we didn't get to go in because the line was way to long so we walked over to the planetarium. Since it was getting close to lunch and none of us really had an interest in the planetarium, we built some rockets out of baking soda and lemon juice with a planetarium employee and headed to the Cheesecake Factory. 
The planetarium had a very nice view over the city. 

We happened to pass this building more than once since mom got a little lost with her gps. 
Cheesecake Factory was fabulous as always and we grabbed some food for dad. We picked up dad at the airport at 3 and ate cheesecake in the car. 

We made our 3 hour road trip to Madison, Wisconsin and found some cheese and grapes at a really weird grocery store called Aldi's. 

We've had a fairly relaxing evening and found a fun movie on tv. If you haven't seen The Intern with Rovert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway, you really should. 

Stay tuned for some of South Dakota for a few days! I'll be back talking about Mount Rushmore (my favorite monument!).

Thanks for reading guys!!

Ily fam

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