Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 16: The Long Haul

What is up peeps?! It's me again! You know! Your favorite person ever? The youngest of the berry bunch? That's right! It's that type of week! Wow, these are really choppy sentences! My mom is probably very disappointed being an English teacher and all! Alright, I'll just go on with today. 
Yup, we drove through Kentucky.
Abraham Lincoln's birthplace. We followed a road before this sign trying to find it but we didn't. I guess we should pay attention to signs better. 

We left at about 9:30 to make our 3 state, 8 hour expedition. It was a pretty normal drive for the most part, trying to get around big rigs, listening to music, sleeping, playing "7 Little Words". Pretty much just relaxing with our legs cramped up. Considering we are in a mini van (Toyota Sienna), we actually have a lot of foot space and luggage space. No, I'm not sponsoring Toyota, who do you think I am? Anyway, we just sat in the car, stopped for junk food and snacks, got back on the road, 3 hours later eating lunch, getting back on the road. We ended up eating lunch in Indiana. 
In Indiana (where we are and where I am writing this currently), Grandma and Papa are sleeping at a hotel in town for 2 days while the Berry family is sleeping at my great aunt Kathy's house (she and her husband Pete are really nice) Aunt Kathy is my mom's aunt but I still call her my aunt. She likes to bake and craft so Katie, Jessie, and I are having lots of fun. 

On the way here we saw a McDonald's that was a castle? 
I can't quite explain that one. 

We also saw a lot of Amish people. My mom also taught us Berry children about their religion and the religion Scientology? I don't actually know. Um. I think I'll just stick to baking (I want to open a bakery when I grow up. Come to Berry's Bakery!) 

It's storming outside currently. There is also a tornado warning and lots of lightening and loud thunder.  It's 11:38pm and we are playing hacky sack and walking around. My sisters and I were going to sleep in the basement (which if there were a tornado we would go) but we got scared of the dark closet/storage space with a water tank that talks (metaphorically. Goodness if it did talk I would hope my aunt and uncle would move out of this house as fast as they could). 

Well I hope you liked this short little blog. We have about 13 more days until we are home! I'm excited about seeing my dogs but I like traveling to new places.  Well y'all have fun reading more of our blogs!! Have a good day!!!

~The Coolest Berry In The World

Ps) They're the twins and I'm the funny one 

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