Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day 5: THE Alien Sighting

Hello good friends! I am the newest (and best) writer to this blog. I am writing today's blog because we went to my absolute favorite place in this world. Roswell, New Mexico!!
This is the beautiful sign, that I so generously took for my family. 

We arrived in Roswell and quickly saw a very interesting attraction. (A UFO MCDONALDS, SAY WHAT!?!) 
Am I the only one who thinks it looks like the millennium falcon?

We then went to a fabulous lunch place called Pepper's Bar & Grill. 10/10 would recommend. After that Dad, Jessie, Grandma, Papa, and I all went to the amazing UFO museum. Admission was only $15 for all 5 of us. 


We walked through the awesome place, which I would highly recommend for the readers out there, and finally stopped in our final destination. The gift shop. I got a ton of stuff, including a tattoo!! (As seen below). 
We also took lots of pictures with plenty of the murals and attractions. 
While we all had a blast at the museum, Emily and Mom skipped the museum but stopped at a Mexican Bakery for some food and walked around in some shops. (Not as fun, just as tasty). 
We ended our Roswell adventure with an hour and a half drive to the fabulous Carlsbad. Some thunder (and hopefully cooler weather) has resorted us to sitting inside and enjoying the rest. 

I thank you all for sticking with me during this adventure of over 1000 characters. Hopefully if the head producer (madre) appreciates my writing style (and humor) she will let me write again. See you all again soon!

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Katie Berry