Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Day 2: There is Nothing to See on Interstate 8

Leaving our fabulous Embassy Suites was hard this morning. Breakfast was awesome and the huge room made it hard to cram back into our Sienna, but move we must. It looks like an oasis doesn't it?

As we forged on and found Interstate 8, we discovered that gas doesn't grow on that road and we got eerily close to running out as the Sienna told me we had just 30 miles before breaking down. We found a gem of a place for just $3.79 a gallon. That was hard to swallow when two more miles up ahead we found a $2.09 sign. I guess you can charge what you like when people are afraid of pushing their van with grandma and papa in tow. We also saw the fence. You know the one. It's gonna be a wall, a big one, if a certain someone gets elected. It's in black in the background. Hard to see, but we didn't have our passports so we didn't get too close. 

We've arrived in Tucson and got to spend the day swimming and visiting with family from Todd's side. When in Arizona, you either swim or stay inside in the summer. It's no different than Sac really.  Emily found a friend in the pool and quickly became her bestie. They spent time trying to convince others to join their chicken fight game while mama tanned. 

Todd's Aunt Yvonna is graciously putting us up for a few days while his cousin Jen has taken the kids so they can play cards and video games with their cousins. Remember those times when you were little? Priceless memories. 

Dinner was a southwestern chicken salad Aunt Yvonna made and it was delicious! I'm wishing I ate more than the third helping I did have. My name is Gina and I have a problem with food. I love it. 

The kids are hoping to guest write in the blog during this trip. Then you'll have a different point of view to reflect upon. So far vacation is good. Life is good. 

Written by Gina

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