Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 20: A little late

We Hey guys! So sorry we missed the blog last night. To cut us some slack we were very tired. 

We drove from Madison, Wisconsin to Oakoma, South Dakota. It was a very long drive, about 8 hours. We never stopped for lunch so we were all very hungry. We found a lovely pizza place down here which we all enjoyed. 
Grandma had "some" to drink. 
Evidently, they have pizza (hot and fresh). 
We saw a really cool flower "pot tree!" Grandma says that you should not use that term in California. Summer project perhaps?

On our drive home we found some bison and couldn't resist climbing on them. 
Even mom...

We went back to the hotel, swam for a little, and then played a little soccer on the grass. We are definitely trying to stay in shape, mom and Emily even hit the gym every few days. Good times :)

So sorry we were late on the blog! Hope you enjoyed it nevertheless. 

Written by: kBbbbb

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