Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 24: Yellowstone and Done!

Today was our last day in Yellowstone. We finally took a picture in front of the entrance sign.  

We saw some amazing geysers and pools. Some were smelly. At least we think it was the pools...

Emily played photographer today and I snapped a quick one of her and papa sharing a moment. Such sweet times ❤️

We found Gibbons Falls in the park and snapped a few more pictures. The scenery is just gorgeous here. The pictures don't really do it justice. 

We rolled back into West Yellowstone in the early afternoon for some downtime. We found grapes, wine, and cheese. Three necessary ingredients for a good time and a light lunch. We picnicked at our cabin site. 

And dinner, well we went back to what we loved yesterday. Mexican school bus! 

Some other people had Blizzards and someone else had a cinnamon roll. As you can see, we accommodate everyone's food requests. 

And it started to rain so we are in the car. New location tomorrow!

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