Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 21: The Magnificent Mount Rushmore

Hello everybody - jessie here. I'm here to tell you about our fantastic adventure at Mount Rushmore. 

We started our day, but waking up early and getting on the road. It took us about 3 hours to get to the National Park, and we saw a lot of really cool things. Before we got to the park, we drove through some cute little towns. 

Once we got into town, we took some pictures in front of the sign. 

The park is laid out so that you park, and then walk toward the monument, while passing shops and food venders. We decided to head straight toward the monument first and shop later. 
This is the entrance. 

After taking tons of photos, we went down the stairs into the visitor center/exhibit hall. There was a small room that told you all about the creator and the process of carving the gigantic monument. 
It was all very cool to learn about. 

The main creator and designer of the monument is Gutzin Borglum. We learned a lot about him and also found a sculpture of him while looking around. 
Then we went to the gift shop and bought tons of souvenirs, including a hat for Moi!

We also had a short lunch break (which mainly consisted of ice cream) and then walked back toward the parking lot. 
Fun fact of the day! 

On the way to the parking lot (and toward the monument), you walk under these pillars that have each state and their flag.

 We found California and took a quick picture. 

We all hopped in the car and drove into a town that sculptures of all the presidents scattered across many blocks. We didn't get out, but we did snap a few photos. 
I believe this one is Abe Lincoln. 

We then continued our drive onto Billings, Montana. The drive was about 5 hours long, but wasn't too bad. 

We decided to grab some dinner once we settled into our hotel. Us 5 Berry's found a nearby Olive Garden while the grandparents relaxed in their room for the night. 

For dinner I had some wonderful pasta and the most amazing breadsticks. 
Yum! (Pure Italian right here)

After dinner, we headed to Walmart and grabbed some snacks (including wine and Cheetos) for Yellowstone. 

Tomorrow our journey continues! Thank you everyone for sticking with us! Only one more week :)

Love, jessie

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