Friday, June 24, 2016

Day 18: Layin' Low

We didn't do much guys. This was by far the laziest day we've had. We slept in,ate breakfast, mosied around to a few yard sales (where are we going to put anything we purchase?), and just hung out. 

We did take in a little drive to the Amish village and town center. It was an interesting conversation to have with the kids about the different lifestyle that the Amish have. We spotted an entire buggy parking lot at one shopping center. 
I wondered about them being stolen. The horses reigns are just lying there on the ground. No locks and no knots. Pretty interesting that nobody has thought to steal themselves a horse and buggy but apparently broad daylight isn't the time that this type of thievery would occur. 

We hung out with my cousin Jon and his family again tonight, as well as had a lovely Italian dinner with Uncle Pete and Aunt Kathy. Forgot to take pictures and lost track of time. Emily and Aunt Kathy made biscuits and chocolate gravy for dessert. It was delicious! Again, no pictures. Strawberries and biscuits like a shortbread and then chocolate sauce drizzling over it all. Yummy!

Here it is after midnight again and tomorrow I have to be up and packed to drive to Chicago. We pick up Todd at the airport! Can't wait to have him on our journey again. 

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