Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 4: Fun in the Tucson Sun

Today was just a fun filled day with a family BBQ and some excellent pool time. Oh, but we did a few things before that. 
That right there is a drop biscuit covered with Huckleberry preserves. They. Were. Awesome. I have another picture. 
There were two left, but then we ate those too and there were none. That's how biscuits should be treated at breakfast. Eat them all while they're warm and hot from the oven. 

After our splendid breakfast courtesy of Aunt Yvonna, we got to making dishes for the BBQ and cleaning the house up a bit. After a local trip to the hardware store and some general house fixes, we set Papa John to dust the hard to reach places. Thanks for reminding me to snap a photo Yvonna!
 The BBQ was basic burgers and dogs with only 97° heat. The pool was a hit with all the little peeps and Aunt Gina got some baby time with little Zachary. He loved me! Look at all those happy smiles. Cousins are the best!

The kids all just had a fabulous time and the best part was picking up daddy at the airport this evening. We are so glad he's ready to vacation with us. He's already knew deep into a weird twisted card game where there are rules but you have to figure them out as you play. Mama's brain is too tired for that, but they are having fun. 

The last photo is from two ladies who didn't make it into the pool but apparently figured out how to work my camera phone long enough to take two half head selfies. Silly girls...

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