Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 15: Good Ole Country Music

Howdy folks! It's Jessica and today I'm going to be telling y'all about our fantastic day in Nashville, Tennesee. 

We started our day by going to the Grand Ole Opry. It was so amazing to see all the history in the theater. 
We were able to go on the Backstage tour, so we learned about more than just what you see on stage. We also leaned about a stage in the building called Stage A. On that stage, shows including Nashville and Hee Haw were filmed. We also got to see some of the clothes worn on the show in a small exhibit. 
We continued the tour and learned about the Post Office located on site and how one becomes a member of the Grand Ole Opry. It was interesting to learn that we haven't had a new member since 2014. Currently there are only 63 living members out of the 211 total. It's by invitation only and the management of the Opry are the ones who decide. 
Did I mention our video tour guide was Blake Shelton!? We then walked down the halls and were able to see a good number of the dressing rooms the musicians stay in. Note that all the rooms were freshly remodeled after the huge flood in 2010. Here's a few examples:
We then continued onto the stage where our picture was taken. That wooden circle was taken from the original Grand Ole Opry at Ryman Theatre where it all began and it was moved here in 1974 so that performers get to stand on the exact same spot as all the great musicians before them. And Grandma Joyce can now say that she sang on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry - cuz she did! (Albeit, quietly.)
We were then lead to the studio audience seating to snap a few more photos. 
We finished our exciting adventure with a short game of checkers outside and then headed to lunch. 
For lunch, we stopped at a restaurant recommended by grandma's friend. It was called The Pharmacy, but it was not your regular Ole Walgreens. I had a fantastic hot dog, while the others found some pretty good burgers. 
(Mom's burger).
(My hot dog).

After lunch we made plans to go to the Opry Mall and see Finding Dory at 2:20. Before the movie, we walked around the mall and shopped a little.

After the movie, we drove to The Bluebird Cafe (featured in the tv show Nashville and a staple for musicians). We took a few pictures, but the place didn't even open until 5:00. There were already several people in line outside the cafe which just goes to show how poplar this place is - even on a Tuesday night. 
After all the excitement we decided to head back to the hotel for the free drinks and free food. For dinner, we resolved to the pasta from the downstairs restaurant. We relaxed and watched many episodes of Fixer Upper (a personal favorite). 

The Grand Ole Opry was one of my favorite from our trip so far. I'm so glad I was able to write about it for y'all. Thanks  again to all of you committed readers :) 

Have a wonderful day! 
Love, Jessie 

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    Enjiying every entry of your trip.