Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day 10: Driving ForEVER

Well the ten hour drive that was only supposed to be 7 and change wasn't the best today. Between traffic and a few more stops than anticipated we rolled into NOLA about 6pm after leaving SA at 8am. How many McDonald's did we stop at today? 3. We didn't eat there though. We grabbed some BBQ before we exited the Texas state at a cool place called...
 Yummy food was found and happy tummies were filled up and moved out for the rest of the drive. Pulled park sandwiches were eaten my four of us and we all skipped dinner...again. This seems to be a recurring theme. 

We happened to take a carpool lane that took us off the freeway and dropped us in downtown Houston - remember how I said that we had a few driving snafus? We we caught a glimpse of this which was pretty cool since we will be seeing the real thing as we near the end of our trip in Mount Rushmore. 

We found a not so little town called Katy which was close enough to our Katie's name so we made her snap some shots from the back seat. 

And as we made it into Louisiana (pronounced Lose-ee-ana), we found a pretty cool swamp. First one we saw. There's no shortage of water down here! 

Notice the trees growing right in it. Weird. And as we got into the French Quarter we saw the famous Superdome.
That's it folks. We stayed in tonight and watched the Warriors lose. Tomorrow should be more exciting. 

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