Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 26: The Long Haul Home

We got on the road early today. Eager to find our beds at home. We had an eight and a half hour drive ahead of us so we grabbed a full breakfast at our Hampton Inn in Twin Falls Idaho and got on our way. Note: if you have NOT stayed at a Hampton Inn, I highly recommend it. Great quality for a fraction of higher prices hotels. 

Yup, that's our map. It was pretty simple. Highway 80 forever. And ever. And ever. We grabbed some lunch in Reno, where the kinds used their phones to find what else - a Panda Express! And us adults grabbed a Subway. We are already beginning to try and eat healthier as we transition back to normal home eating. 

After playing 7 Little Words and yelling "train" every time someone spotted a train...some people in the car may have been delirious with exhaustion, we finally saw an exciting sign. 

Oh my. For the first time in 26 days we were finally seeing our home state. There are a lot of states in this nation, but after seeing a bunch of them on this trip everyone in our car still wants to live in California. 

After emptying the car and stretching out legs, we took one final photo just like the one we took before we took off on day 1. 
We are all still smiling. We all still love each other. We know perhaps a bit more than we did about each and everyone who piled into the car day after day. We are grateful for vacations like this. We loved pretty much every minute, and we also agreed that we probably wouldn't have done it without the company of our multi-generational trip. A win-win for everyone! 

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